What are add-on domains?

Add-on domains point to the sub-directories of an existing web site you have with us. They allow you to run multiple domains with different content under one account.
http://www.firstdomain.com (/home/myaccount/www/)
http://www.addondomain1.com (/home/myaccount/www/addon1/)
http://www.addondomain2.com (home/myaccount/www/addon2/)
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Do I have to register add-on domains as well?

  Just adding an add-on domain via cPanel is not enough, you need to ensure the...

How many add-on domains can I have on my account?

Please refer to our hosting page matrix for current quotas.

What nameservers do I use?

Nameservers/DNS are always mentioned in our account activation email, You should refer that.

How do I add a parked domain to my account?

Log into your control panel and select 'Addon Domains'. Enter the add-on domain...

Do add-on domains have e-mail capabilities?

  By default all mail sent to addon-domain.com is routed to your main e-mail...

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