I am getting "This connection is untrusted" message, while logging into CPanel? What can I do?

I am getting "This connection is untrusted" message, while logging into CPanel/Webmail? What can I do?

Follow the below steps to access your Cpanel through Secure Login, when you are getting "This connection is untrusted" message. If you use Firefox web browser and made a login through secured login, then a page opens with a message 'This Connection is Untrusted'.

Step 1: Click the 'I Understand the Risks' button and read the details provided.

Step 2: Then click the "Add Exception" button.

Step 3: A box comes into view named 'Add Security Exception' which provides the information about user. Now click the 'Confirm Security Exception' button.

Step 4: Then a box displays asking 'User name and Password' from the user. Furnish the details and click 'OK' button.

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