How do I enable mail filtering in DirectAdmin?

Once logged in, make sure you are in the user panel by clicking on User Level (if you're a reseller), and then click on the domain you want to add a filter to. If you only have one domain on the account, you should be placed directly on a page with a list of options. Click on "SPAM Filters", and then choose one of the options on the page that follows:

  • Block a specific email address: this will block all email coming from the address you specify.
  • Block mail from an entire domain: this will block all email addresses at a specific domain.
  • Block all email containing the word: this will block all email containing the word you specify.
  • Block all e-mail larger than: this will block all email that's larger in size than the number you specify (in kilobytes). This is generally used to block attachments.
  • Enable adult filter: this will prevent email with adult content from getting through.

Once you choose one of the above options and fill out the text box next to it, push Block to make your addition active.

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